A win­dow of oppor­tu­ni­ty pre­sent­ed itself for me to vis­it my par­ents on the way home from Bay St. Louis. To be able to spend time with them, I need­ed to reach Austin ahead of Steve. He would pick me up and we’d dri­ve back to San­ta Fe together.

A friend of Steve’s, Jason, was giv­ing a talk out­side of New Orleans and planned to spend a few days with us in BSL. He was return­ing to San­ta Fe Sun­day morn­ing and could drop me off in Austin on the way. We would be fly­ing Jason’s EADS Soca­ta TBM 700. A sweet 6‑seater, tur­bo prop with short take­off and land­ing capa­bil­i­ties. I haven’t been in a cock­pit since my pilot train­ing back in the late ‘70’s. It was a real treat trav­el­ing at 200 mph at 27, 000 feet. Flight time was 1.5 hours from New Orleans. The automa­tion was dizzy­ing to me but old hat to him. Jason clear­ly has the fly­ing chops.