Sean Healen put togeth­er this stu­dio ses­sion at Kitchen Sink Stu­dios to record “Angel of the Air­ways.” The song is a trib­ute to his friend, Canu­to Del­ga­do, who encour­aged him to write and play music. In the stu­dio are Josh Eng­lish, Justin Brans­ford, and Ron Del­ga­do, Canu­to’s broth­er. Thanks to Jono Man­son and Tim Schmoy­er of Kitchen Sink Sound Stu­dios host­ed and engi­neered the event. There will be more ses­sions to come to help put some ducats in the buck­ets of work­ing local musi­cians. Before this song is mas­tered there will be at least 2 oth­er musi­cians’ tracks added to the mix. I want to thank every­one for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be part of this. https://​sean​healen​mu​sic​.com/ #Beer­Phones #John Sean Healen Deere #Kitchen Sink Studios

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