Stand­ing at the crossroad
The choice ‘tween Need and Want
Des­ti­na­tion is possession
Are you ready for the jaunt?

Should Need be your verdict
No ques­tion in your mind
Urgent­ly you navigate
Resigned to what you find

Want is fraught with questions
Do you know where this will lead?
How impor­tant is it?
Desire decides your speed

Neces­si­ty can dri­ve you
With­out a bit of warning
From one path to the other
Moti­va­tion­al­ly transforming

Want ramps to desperation
Need dimin­ished to desire
Con­nect­ing roads between these two
Deter­mined by the fire

Both ways lead to possession
Attain­ment is the goal
Just be sure the journey
Doesn’t com­pro­mise your soul.