I live inside a box of boundaries
Saw it just today
Made up of many dif­fer­ent things
That keep the world at bay

A semi-per­me­able field
Ever chang­ing in it’s force
Is there to help pro­tect me
Not sur­ren­der­ing my source

This is where I draw the line
Between inside and out
Trust encour­ages entrance
Deceit gets you kicked out

Truth beau­ty modesty
Plea­sure pain and hope
Along with trust and honesty
Help define its scope

Stor­ing rules of conduct
How I inter­act with you
Assess­ing risk and consequence
How much I let you through

In reverse it’s just as terse
In keep­ing me contained
At times it just won’t let me out
It keeps me so restrained

Now I feel you test­ing me
Your bound­aries are so strong
Will my answer be correct
Or will I just be wrong

If I fail and flunk the test
You close me out once more
I crawl inside my lit­tle box
And gen­tly close the door.