My med­i­ta­tion practice
Has been laps­ing as of late
Life’s been too confusing
For the calm it can create

A faith­ful meditator
Will know just what I mean
Start­ing back is difficult
Far more than it may seem

Past bag­gage and emotions
Rise right up to the top
The tears and fears and twitching
Real­ly make me want to stop

But life is for the living
We just have to pow­er through
Things will final­ly settle
It’s just what I have to do

I want to thank you for the venue
The oppor­tu­ni­ty to retreat
Some­times going backwards
Will put you on your feet.


This poem is ded­i­cat­ed to the orga­niz­ers and par­tic­i­pants of the 2015 Media Mak­ers Retreat at Val­lecitos Ranch.