Pat Porter & the Bumper

This all start­ed with a con­ver­sa­tion and end­ed with a hand-made bumper. Pat Porter of Cot­ton­wood Forge in Tesuque, NM con­struct­ed a bumper for my truck start­ing with a 7″ tall sec­tion of chan­nel iron and end­ing with my logo in a horse­shoe. His sig­na­ture, forge and brand are stamped into the horse­shoe. These images doc­u­ment our first and final ses­sions. He did twice that much work in between. I’m very hap­py with the result.

4 Responses to Pat Porter & the Bumper

  1. Debra Zeller says:

    Nice work! You are for­tu­nate to have this amaz­ing bumper. You will nev­er need another…it is one for the ages.

    • PeterLZ says:

      Debra, I do feel blessed to have tal­ent­ed friends to work with. Spend­ing time with cre­ative peo­ple in their spaces is a gen­uine treat. Pat is a unique indi­vid­ual and a great con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist. I think we solved all the worlds prob­lems at least twice while work­ing on this piece.

  2. Annette Peterfy says:

    Pat used to shoe my hors­es when I lived in San­ta Fe twen­ty years ago and did an amaz­ing job. When I moved away, he made me a beau­ti­ful hoof­pick as a part­ing gift. I still have it and think of him fond­ly when­ev­er I use it.

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